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When you inquire about Solar Panels, you’re on the right track. The Chicago Solar Energy Company serves Chicago and neighboring towns with high-quality solar panel sales, quick services, repairs, maintenance, and installations. We provide our best service: “You name it, we make it”. If you’re planning to go solar, switch to Chicago Solar.

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We provide a wide variety of options for your homes to become eco-friendly while saving money with Chicago Solar Energy Company here in the state of Illinois. There’s a big difference between a house and a home. We want your HOME in Chicago to become an agent of change in the community by switching to solar panels

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Our solar panels in Chicago Solar Energy Company deliver a wide-ranging set of commercial solutions from design to custom-built systems for businesses. Macro and micro-businesses can reduce expenditures on power supply while helping the environment and can carry out the customized energy design with our commercial solar systems.


Regardless of where your home is located, the sun is always shining bright (except in bad weather, of course!). Installing a solar energy system in your home saves not just the money you pay for the electric bills but also gives you rebates and tax credits. It gives your home an edge since you won’t ever rely on electric companies and you won’t have power service interruptions ever again. It also gives you protection from the rising rates of electricity in the future. Going solar is a good and smart investment since it also adds value to your home, more like an upgrade.

Solar energy is similar to other renewable energy resources. It comes with benefits like the reduction of green gases that contribute to climate change, and it helps with our health since it results in fewer air contaminants like sulfur dioxide in smog which can cause a high health risk. It also reduces the use of fossil fuels used to produce electricity which is the major contributor to greenhouse gases that causes climate change. Solar energy is an eco-friendly source of electricity that aims to reduce pollution, promote advocacy, and build a better future for our younger generations – it saves not only your money but also the environment.

The easiest and quickest way to find out how much you pay for your electricity and how much of it you use monthly is to look at your electric bill. Kilowatt-hours is the basic unit of measure electric companies use to determine your usage of electricity. They deduct the meter’s current usage from previous ones. For example, last month your household used 100 kilowatt-hours and your current meter reading is 150 kilowatt-hours, so deduct 150 to 100 and your current month usage is 50 kilowatt-hours plus other charges that vary from company to company. Installing a solar energy system will give you the savings you are looking for starting on day one.

Net metering is a system that utilizes crediting owners of their solar energy system for the power it produces by its solar panels. With net metering, you only pay the bill for the energy that is beyond what solar panels can produce. Rules, regulations, and/or policies for net metering differ from state to state but a higher net metering return encourages more households to install solar-paneled rooftops and apply for a net metering program and can enjoy lower electricity generation costs reflected on your monthly bill. We encourage you to ask or inquire about your local electric company about this program.

Recent studies show that households with solar energy systems give more value and sell for more compared with homes without it. On the other hand, property value increases if you own rather than lease your system. In many parts of the country, a solar energy system is a good investment since it is considered more like an upgrade that increases your home value compared to kitchen or living room renovations since not every home has it and it gives uniqueness compared to regular homes. Real estate agents use solar energy systems as a feature to encourage prospective buyers in acquiring the property.

PV Panels or most commonly known as solar panels work by letting the energy be absorbed by the cells throughout the day generating the flow of direct current (DC) electricity. Although most households and commercial buildings use alternating current (AC) electricity, an inverter is being utilized as DC passes through and converts it to usable AC electricity for daily usage for appliances and so on. In this instance, the electricity generated is being used or it is being sent back to the system or grid by means of storage in large-capacity batteries which means you can start saving from day one.

It’s a big YES – it still produces or generates energy since PV cells absorb direct and indirect sunlight but it will generate lower or lesser energy whenever the weather is cloudy. The energy that solar panels generate is reliant on the sunlight and doesn’t work at night time. Nevertheless, switching to a solar energy system is a good decision for investment even if your home is located in a cloudy area. The smart positioning of the solar panels will compensate for the kind of weather your area offers since it will maximize the direct and indirect sunlight and will still generate electricity for your home or business.

Solar panels generate power by absorbing sunshine. If your panels are covered with snow that is accumulated through time, they will slide off since it is designed to be in a tilted position to maximize absorption of sunlight. With leaves or bird matters, solar panels are easy to clean and easy to maintain you can have your solar panels serviced for cleaning and maintenance for a small fee whenever there is a need to do so or you can do the cleaning since it doesn’t require a piece of special cleaning equipment or materials wherein you can purchase a special lubricant dedicated for cleaning solar panels to avoid scratches.

Installing solar panels on your home or business doesn’t mean that you will be disconnected from the grid. It only means that whenever your solar panels don’t produce or generate enough electricity for your home or business, they can draw electricity to compensate for the lack of it and when solar panels generate more electricity, more than what your home or business needs, then it will send back power to the grid. Yes, you can still go off the electricity grid with your solar energy system if your package includes battery storage and it will cost you more but are an insignificant add-on and unnecessary upgrade for most home and business owners.

It only applies if your solar energy system package includes a battery that stores power and your home or business can go fully off the grid. If not, then you will still be receiving your monthly electric bill but a solar energy system can produce outstanding results by means of saving money starting on day one or even be reduced to $0.00 on your bill depending on the system that matches your average energy use. There are many factors to consider but one thing is for sure, solar energy systems can greatly produce significant results in terms of saving and also contributing to a cleaner and safer environment.


Yes, it will shut off in the event of a power outage if your solar panel system is still connected to the electricity grid. This is to prevent linemen from getting into an accident whenever they repair electric posts and lines since solar panels can send electricity back to the grid. On the other hand, there are specific inverters that you can purchase to provide backup power in a blackout when paired with a battery, or choose to go totally off the grid and enjoy uninterrupted power service by purchasing large-capacity batteries that will fit your power consumption needs in your home or business.

The materials used to make solar panels are made of strong tempered glass and require little to no maintenance and can function for many years to generate electricity. Most of the time, homeowners or business owners don’t require much frequent cleaning. If something does occur or happen to solar panels, most providers include warranties. However, the warranty policies differ from company to company. It will cost you minimal service fees since most companies that offer solar energy systems would also offer to clean and maintain the panels to maximize the output it generates and the savings it produces for their clients.

Depending on the area where your home or business is located, rebates and incentives vary from state to state. It is noteworthy that there is a 26 percent federal investment tax credit also known as ITC which takes 26 percent of the charge of your solar energy systems from taxes. Other states, although not all, offer additional tax credits, refunds, and incentives as well. So, aside from saving money from your monthly electric bill, there are a lot of benefits a solar energy system can do for you. It’s just one of the many reasons why we want you to make the switch today!

There are at least 3 financing options for your solar energy system: first, you can purchase the system in cash. It’s a one-time and big-time investment but will generate savings from day one. The second is to apply for a loan to buy the system or sign a solar leasing agreement also known as the power purchase agreement (PPA). These three options available are the most common choices that clients take to acquire a solar energy system. You can request a quote from the solar power company and surely, they can provide the best deal that suits your financial budget.

Buying your solar energy system or leasing them comes with advantages and disadvantages and it would always be our client’s choice depending on their financial capacity in acquiring a solar energy system.  If you want to maximize the savings of your solar panel system then buying the system is the best choice you have since you can save a lot when you buy it in cash. On the other hand, if you prioritize convenience for an easy and maintenance-free way in saving money from electric bills and becoming an advocate for helping the environment, then it is also recommended to consider a solar lease.

The middle-ground for both options is the following: first, it reduces your monthly electric bills which saves a lot of money spent on electricity, and second, it gives a lasting impact on our environment by reducing the emission of greenhouse gases. The only difference is the type of agreement that the company provides and you can connect with the Chicago Solar Energy Company to compare both options and choose what’s right for your home or business and receive a quote to carefully consider a viable and wide array of options in acquiring solar panel system in your home or business.


The only and primary difference between secured and unsecured loans is that secured loans need an agreement for collateral, most likely an asset with more or of equal value which is usually your home for the money that is being lent to you. However, unsecured solar loans don’t need collateral or an asset of high value, instead, their interest rates are generally higher to make up for the risk being taken by the lender. To understand which financing option suits you best, connect with the Chicago Solar Energy Company today and we will provide you with a detailed assessment for both secured and unsecured loans.

There are a lot of financing institutions that offer solar loans, both local and national banks, specifically financing firms, solar companies, manufacturers of panels, and credit unions. In choosing the best option for your solar loan from different financial providers, you can talk to us, The Chicago Solar Energy Company, so that we can look for more options about equipment, contractors, installers, and financing choices that best suit your need. We can provide you with an estimate as you choose the best option that fits in order for your home or business to become eco-friendly and start saving money today!

Since you can pay for your monthly electric bills, you can definitely afford to go solar. With $0.00 down payment financing options for both solar loans and solar leases, it is easy for homeowners and business owners with better credit to start saving from day one when they go with solar. As what we promote, there’s an option that suits your need and we will help your home become eco-friendly while saving money in no time. Come and check with The Chicago Solar Energy Company to see the choices we have for you and prepare your journey in saving money and the environment, both at the same time!


Roofs that are facing south with little to no shade and no buildings or trees and adequate space to fit solar panels are the ideal conditions for installing a solar panel system. On the other hand, in the majority of the cases, there are other ways if your home or business roof doesn’t meet the criteria. We can provide you with alternate solutions to maximize your panel’s absorption of sunlight to maximize as well the savings for your electric bill as well. We will come personally to assess your roofing structure and provide you with real-time solutions and answer all the questions you have in mind!

The size of a solar energy system ultimately depends on how much electricity you want to generate and how much electricity you consume monthly. You also need to consider 2 things when it comes to the size of solar energy that you will get:

  1. The size of your roof / available space: how much suitable space do you have on your roof or the ground for solar?
  2. Budget: how much are you willing to spend on the solar energy system?

These factors impact your system size and should be able to estimate the solar system size you need.

You can have a roof inspection done first before you can have a solar panels installation to make sure that it’s going to be able to hold for a long period as the solar panel will last up to 35 years.  Chicago Solar Energy can refer you to a roof inspector to evaluate the lifespan of your roof. If your roof is at or near the end of its lifespan, you will likely have to replace it before you can safely install solar panels. In general, it would be best to have at least 15 years of remaining lifespan for your roof before installing solar panels.

Our solar panels are durable, long-lasting, and of quality, which gives you the best cost-efficient investment for a long period. There may be various factor or parts of the solar panel that needs to be replaced at different times but its efficiency will continue for 25-35 years. Our professional installers and technicians also consider the amount of electricity your home or business needs and will continue to provide your solar panels with efficient maintenance. Nevertheless, our solar panels are tested to withstand any weather conditions or wind, rain, and snow without any damage. We also make sure that the location of the solar panels won’t be hit by any debris to secure their safety.

You have several options depending on the current situation: If you lease the system, you need to either ask consent from the leasing company to transfer the leasing agreement to the new homeowner (depending on the new home owner’s preferences) or pay the system fully. But if you fully owned the system, things will be a lot easier. You just have to make sure that all your documents are ready for the new homeowner and that they are willing to maintain the panels, these will help you prevent any delays in the sale. We also have advisors to help you with any problems that may arise during the transaction.

In choosing a solar installer you need to make sure that they are accredited and with many years of experience and a solid track record. Chicago Solar Energy Company has accredited solar panel installers and contractors that you can trust since we’ve been in the industry for more than 12 years of experience in bringing our client’s homes or businesses the satisfaction they look for as we bring them our products and services. Also, you need to Check the solar warranties and maintenance skills. If the company offers an extended warranty, it will give you confidence that they have a reliable history of providing the best service in the solar industry.

It is sometimes overwhelming to compare solar quotes from different solar companies. In comparing solar quotes, you need to consider 2 things: first is the total price of the entire system to make sure that it’s within you budget. Second is the price per watt to see if you are getting a great deal. In Chicago Solar Energy we provide an easy to understand and quotes for our clients to help them decide whether what type of system are suitable for their needs and within their budget. We help you decide which system is really the right choice for your home.

There are different types of solar panels the monocrystalline, polycrystalline, PERC, and thin-film panels. Monocrystalline panels are made of single pure silicon crystal that is cut into several wafers. Polycrystalline comes from a different silicon crystal instead of one. PERC are improvement of the traditional monocrystalline cells and lastly thin-film panels has a very fine layers that are thin enough to be flexible. Solar panel types have different advances and cost depending on their efficiency. Chicago Solar Energy provides a full guide that will illustrate the different types of solar panels available, their strengths, efficiency, costs and which is best suited for specific use cases.

There are different types of power inverters offered and all have different advances and costs depending on their efficiency. The most common types of power inverters are Sine Wave (sometimes referred to as a “true” or “pure” sine wave), Modified Sine Wave (modified square wave), and Square Wave.  Chicago Solar Energy carries many types, sizes brands, and models of inverters, and choosing which one is not a hassle for our clients since we provide a full guide that will illustrate the different types of power inverters available, their strengths, efficiency, costs and which is best suited for specific use cases.

Chicago Solar Energy has the easiest and fastest when it comes to the solar installation process. First thing is to contact Chicago Solar Energy through our phone number (312) 779-1550 and we will immediately send you multiple installation quotes. The quotes include a full guide on the installation process, services, materials, cost, and the efficiency of the materials we use. Once you choose the right solar system for you, we will then conduct a site survey to evaluate the property. We are open to our client’s questions and we will answer them since our installers are knowledgeable enough to answer the queries of the clients.

It is optional for our clients to acquire a solar monitoring system that gives information about how much energy it generates. You can ask our installers about solar monitoring system options. Most solar lease agreements include free programs to track your system’s performance and if you own your system, you may need to purchase one separately. Our installers will provide you with the options upfront so that you can decide whether to install a monitoring system or not. We always want our customers to have a sense of ownership by letting them decide on the options we offer for their solar panel systems.

Solar batteries, also known as solar-plus-storage, are becoming increasingly popular but it is a bit expensive. Fortunately, batteries are not necessarily needed for the majority of solar homeowners. As long as the lines are connected to the electricity grid, the system does not need a battery instead excess power bounces back to the grid in which your system can draw more electricity if panels cannot generate more power due to factors like bad weather or cloudy weather. It’s a matter of choice whether you include the batteries in your solar package installation to totally get off the grid or still be connected and enjoy lower electricity bills, rebates, and more in which both options have their advantages and disadvantages.

When buying into a community solar project, your home will receive only a portion of the energy produced by a large solar panel system that is located near your home. A home solar panel system is installed on your roof but a community solar project isn’t. Both home-owned and community-owned results in net savings on your electric bill but each differs and offers separate benefits. You can ask us by calling (312) 779-1550 and one of our staff will answer your questions relating to solar panel systems and helps you find a better choice for you to start saving money from day one.

We can help you evaluate the options available and decide what you prefer. Basically, ownership of a solar panel system means an up-front financial investment to save money in the future. On the other hand, subscription-based programs offer savings over a period of time. You should also consider comparing community solar offers in which other choices can include the location project and how soon it can begin bringing savings. It always starts with how much money are you willing to invest in a solar energy system, if you can determine your financial capability then it will go easy on what to choose whether to own, lease, subscribe, etc.

If you decide to move, it’s either you can keep your share of the community solar project for as long as your new house is within the coverage area but if you transfer outside of the service area, you will have to sell your share, transfer the subscription to another account, or possibly pay and early cancellation fee if you have chosen to subscribe. Cancellation costs may vary per terms and conditions of the project and its provider. The other option is to pass the subscription to the buyer of your home since it adds more monetary value when you have solar in your home.

Community Solar allows you to save money by investing in a solar energy system to generate power for your home or business, even if you can’t have it on your roof. When you subscribe to a community solar project, you are paying for access to less expensive solar-generated electricity so that you won’t have the need to purchase electricity at typical utility rates. When it comes to solar energy systems, the bottom line is that whatever you choose whether to own, subscribe or lease, it would always guarantee your savings from your monthly electric bills and also start saving the environment from day one.


When you own or subscribe to a community solar project, you are entitled to receive the virtual net metering credits on your monthly electric bill. Each credit is as good as one kilowatt-hour (kWh) of electricity. One prime example is when you use 500 kWh at your home monthly and your community solar share generates 300 kWh. The 300 kWh in credits from your subscription are reflected on your monthly electric bill and it will only give you the remaining 200 kWh in which you pay directly the community solar provider directly for the cost of the share or subscription.


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